A few words about my practice....

The common theme in my work is simply the landscape, which I use as a base to invoke thoughts and feelings, to create space, to play with and capture light from nature or imagination.

It's difficult to describe my practice as a whole as nothing remains static for long, ideas evolve and techniques change. Painting is a journey, so working through a series of canvases in order to let ideas evolve is a necessary part of my practice.

Currently I paint relatively small, allowing me to complete paintings and to test different ideas, techniques, and palettes without wasting time, energy, or materials. I try to finish a painting in one sitting as I prefer being able to manipulate the paint already on the canvas rather than revisiting and reinvigorating the original idea.

I see my canvas as a window into another world, where I create my own reality, make my own space, and have it come to life. Painting for me is a form of meditation, when I paint time disappears. Unfortunately for many people life can be stressful and hectic. My intention is to capture their attention and help them escape by drawing them through the window of my canvas, even for just a moment, so that I can inject a sense of calmness into their life. Just as the act of painting does for me.


2010-2011- Wigan and Leigh college (England)- Foundation degree in Fine art.

2011-2014- Salford university (England)- BA honors degree in Fine art.


2011- Wigan and leigh college (England)- End of year exhibition

2012- Salford university (Manchester, England)- End of year exhibition

2013- Salford university (Manchester, England)- End of year exhibition

2014- Salford university (Manchester, England)- End of year exhibition

2015-2020- Travelled

2021- Lift Gallery- Virtual exhibition- 'Atmospheric perspective’

2021- Hermanus 714, Tokyo-’ A collection of Imagined Landscapes’

2022- A2, Tokyo- ‘Follow the light’


2021-Featured in TATLER UK magazine

2022-Featured in Abode2 magazine